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Our Bay Area Real Estate market is complicated, prices are extraordinary and multiple offer situation can be downright scary. Gigi’s Real Estate Group makes it easy. We have perfected the art of getting you ready to battle.

By educating you on the market, and providing you with reports and graphs on how the market is doing, you are then able to make confident split-second decisions.

We offer you market stats that will get you so informed that way you are making those split decisions that are needed pretty quickly and confidently.

We have amazing MLS search tools right here on this site, you search by map, size, features or any criteria you wish. You can follow our blogs under or look up market stats on many cities including South Livermore Luxury Home, Fremont, Newark, Union City, Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin, San Ramon, Danville, Castro Valley.

Give us a call today to access our off-market properties and be sure to ask about our Buyer’s Advantage Program… it’s easy just call!

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How it Works

Get Pre-Approved Financing
Step 1 - Get Pre-Approved

First, you need to get fully pre-approved through a lender. We'll walk through the process and help you understand the different loan products out there, but ultimately you want to put in a loan application with a Loan Broker or a Bank and supply them with all the documentation needed.

This process can be very quick with our preferred lenders. Once you get them the required financial documents, they’ll review your credit and can give us a Pre-approval letter sometimes as quick as 24 hours

Approved... time to start shopping for your new home.

Coaching on loan products to find the best interest rates / terms for your needs
Find Your Dream Home
Step 2 - Find Your Dream Home

Start shopping to find a home you fall in love with and make an offer. While this step can be fun, remember that it's a process. At our initial consultation, we will help you narrow down floor plans and neighborhoods that fit your budget. We also provide you with neighborhood statistics, market data and any information that will help you feel confident in making quick decisions.

In Real Estate, time is always is of the essence! Once you find a home, we'll make an offer immediately to the seller. We pride ourselves in educating first time buyers to the Residential Purchase Contract so you know all about your obligations and timelines with your purchase.

Offer Accepted... now we do inspections and get ready to close the deal.

Knowledge to refine your search / personalized tours to find a perfect home.
The Escrow Process
Step 3 - The Escrow Process

Once your offer is accepted we open escrow with a title company and we start the due diligent time period of investigating the property, receiving of the sellers disclosures and finalizing your loan with the lender. This process can take anywhere from 30 to 45 days.

We always recommend home inspections to be done if they are not already done by the seller. Once we have clearance from your lender to close, we meet you at the title company to sign your loan documents.

Congratulations… you have just purchased your first home.
Move In Day
Step 4 - Move In Day

Could there be bumps along the way? Absolutely, but we have found that the more information we provide you with on the market conditions, the home condition, the loan process and what could possibly happen during the escrow period, the smoother the process goes.

That is what you'll get with my team and we truly pride ourselves on providing as much information as possible and guiding you throughout the process so you become a very confident and well informed buyer.

The keys to your first dream home in three easy steps.