Need a Smaller Home?

You may be an empty nester or getting tired of a 2 story home. Whatever your reasons, the thought of moving out of a home you have lived in for years and have your cherished memories in, can be a daunting and scary thought.

At Gigi’s Real Estate Group, we understand the value of your home and what it means to you. We can tailor fit a plan based on your needs and help you achieve your Real Estate goals while making it easy.

Find out your home value…

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How it Works

Map Out Your Various Options
Step 1 - Map Out Your Options

Where to start? What to do with all the things you have accumulated throughout those years? What tax benefits are awaiting you? With Gigi on your team, you'll understand all those options and get a perfect road map to help get you from A to Z with as little frustrations and stress as possible.

The road may not be clear at our first meeting, which is totally normal and fine. Of all the real estate transactions you may have done in your life, this one will take careful consideration and we have the patience to get you through it.

Decisions Made... time to sell your home and shop for your forever home.

Coaching on the best way to use equity you've accumulated for future needs
List Your Home for Sale
Step 2 - List Your Home for Sale

We get your home prepped for sale, complete with staging and inspections to better advertise and market your home to bring in qualified buyers at top price.

Once we get an offer in, then open escrow and we start shopping for your next home. It's all about timing when you are upsizing. We have many balls to keep in the air at one time that is why we have perfected a system that will always keep you informed of timelines, and insures a smooth transition.

Home Sold... now we open escrow and get ready to close the deal.

Knowledge to refine your search / personalized tours to find a perfect home.
Find Your Forever Home
Step 3 - Find Your Dream Home

During the selling process of your current home, we will have been simultaneously taking you on tours to find your forever home based on the need for less bedrooms, bathrooms, and an easier to maintain yard.

The process of selling and buying your next home should not take more than 6 months, and sometimes can be done in as little as 3 months from beginning to end. Communication and cooperation are the most crucial factors in making this happen professionally, painlessly and even fun.

Congratulations… get ready to do bigger things now with a downsized home.
Move In Day
Step 4 - Move In Day

Could there be bumps along the way? Absolutely, but we have found that the more information we provide you with on the market conditions, the home condition, the loan process and what could possibly happen during the escrow period, the smoother the process goes.

That is what you'll get with my team and we truly pride ourselves on providing as much information as possible and guiding you throughout the process so you become a very confident and well informed buyer.

The keys to your forever home in three easy steps.